How To Find The Best House Cleaning Services In Tampa?

By: Maid Easy Cleaning Professionals:

In past generations, hiring a housecleaner was a luxury typically reserved for ultra-wealthy families. However, in 2018, more people are opting to invest in house cleaning services than ever before.

Why Hire a House Cleaner?
House cleaning services have become more commonplace because people are busier than ever before. Here are some reasons why someone might hire a house cleaner:

  • You are part of a dual-income family and would rather spend the weekend with your loved ones than cleaning.
  • You are a single parent and want to focus all your non-work hours on your child.
  • You are a childless millennial focused on your career, and would rather spend those hours putting in extra time at work or enjoying some time to unwind.
  • You have interests, hobbies or an extra side-job that take up a lot of time.
  • You would rather spend the extra money on a “sanity-saver” than on a new clothing item or other material object.

There are myriad more reasons why someone may choose to hire a house cleaner. At the core of most people’s decision to hire a house cleaner is the realization of how much their time is worth. Perhaps it’s the desire to spend more quality time with their kids, or in the gym, or relaxing, or furthering their career path.

Regardless of your motives, the thing that most new customers are surprised about is at how affordable it is (call 813-559-0900 to get a quote). More often than not, people wonder why they hadn’t decided to take the plunge sooner!

How To Find the Best Maid Service in Tampa?
If you’ve decided you’d like to hire a house cleaner in Hillsborough County, your first question is probably, “How do I find the best one?”

Insured And Bonded:
First and foremost, we recommend prioritizing trustworthiness. After all, you are allowing someone into your home. It is critical to make sure your house cleaners are bonded and insured. It is also important to make sure they have been in business for awhile. You want to hire house cleaners who know the ropes and have proven themselves over the years, rather than being a brand new company’s guinea pig. At Maid Easy, we are insured and bonded and have been in business for over 12 years.

Upholding The Highest Standards:
Another important thing to look for is a customer service guarantee and the active involvement of upper level management. Your house cleaners should adhere to strict standards and be trained in all areas of cleaning and chemicals. The company should also involve Management or Supervisory staff in the conduction of quality checks.

A Commitment to Personalized Quality:
Once you have established that your prospective house cleaning service providers are trustworthy and thorough, it’s time to think about personalization! No two homes are alike, not to mention that every person has unique cleaning requirements.

At Maid Easy, we are proud to be locally based and offer personalized cleaning plans (plus tips). Our devotion to Hillsborough County and company vision of integrating first-rate customer service, hand-tailored design, and principled core values come together to provide an experience that epitomizes quality, goes the extra mile, and shatters expectations.

Don’t just take our word for it! We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means we are willing to re-clean anything you feel you need re-cleaned. Just contact us within 24 hours and your home cleaner will come back for a redo. That being said, we think you will be impressed the first time!