Why Hire Maid Easy?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With Us, Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

More Than 12 Years of Expert Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

The experts at Maid Easy Cleaning Professionals are committed to providing thorough cleaning services for our valued customers throughout Hillsborough County. In order to accomplish this goal, we adhere to strict standards that remain consistent across the board. Learn more about the steps we take to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our many cleaning services.

Here are some of the ways your satisfaction is guaranteed:

  • We ensure a thorough cleaning during every visit
  • Cleaning packages are customized to meet your needs
  • One Maid, One Home means a personalized cleaning experience
  • Our employees are professionally trained in all areas of cleaning and chemicals
  • Management or Supervisory staff conduct quality checks

Bonded & Insured

All of our staff are fully bonded and insured. In addition, they are pre-screened and complete a rigorous training program which trains them in all areas of cleaning and safe chemical use, handling, and disposal. At Maid Easy, we take your trust very seriously, which is why we take every possible step to ensure you can be confident and comfortable allowing our staff to clean your home or office.

In addition to being thoroughly bonded and insured, you can have peace of mind knowing:

  • Maid Easy is locally owned and operated. Establishing trust and a good reputation has been accomplished by providing years of commitment to customer service and satisfaction.
  • Our Vision of integrating customer service, tailored design, and core values into our day to day operation ensures our customers receive service of the highest quality.
  • All of our staff members are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about the products they bring into and use in your home.
  • We avoid the cookie cutter approach to cleaning as no two homes have the same cleaning needs. By thinking outside of the box and allowing our customers to customize their own cleaning packages, we guarantee your cleaning will fit your individual needs.
  • We can work with your budget. At no time will you be required to purchase services that are outside of your budget. We may recommend a deep clean prior to starting recurring service, however we do not make it mandatory. Keeping your budget in mind, we will work with you to offer services you can afford.

Locally Owned

Why choose Maid Easy Cleaning Professionals?

With the busy schedules many of us keep, there is often little time left over for thoroughly cleaning one’s home or office. Maid Easy gives you your weekends back. Why spend your valuable time cleaning? Call the professionals and let maid easy give you the gift of time. With owners on site and fully screened and trained staff, you can have peace of mind knowing your cleaning needs will be met by professionals who care about their work and your satisfaction!

The benefits you’ll enjoy because of our community focus include:

  • Accountability
  • Individual attention
  • Prompt response time
  • Understanding of cleaning issues unique to your climate and environment

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed with Us!

  • Our service comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • If you should discover something you are not satisfied with, in any aspect of our service, simply contact us within 24 hours and we will have the problem area re-cleaned at no charge.
  • Our customers are our best referral source and we want to be the company you tell your friends and family to use!

Why wait? Save time and focus on things that matter!

Our services are designed to save you time, allowing you to focus on your priorities. Regardless of the frequency in which you need our cleaning services, we can help you